2018 Plenary Speakers


Bishop David T. P. Perrin 

Bishop Perrin is committed to making disciples who loving advance the Kingdom of God. He regularly utilizes dramatic illustrations to underscore biblical truths.  He has served on the board for select ministries and has planted numerous churches within the USA and Overseas.  He is founding prelate of Great Commission Global Ministries, Inc. (GCGM) renamed Boundless Ministries, Inc. (BOMII), a ministry with a mission DNA: Networking, Equipping and Mobilizing African Americans for world missions. A partnership with SIM USA, established The National African American Missions Conference (NAAMC).  He is married to Allethia Campbell the daughter of the former Presiding Bishop, Lawrence and Mother Gloria Campbell, of Bible Way Churches Worldwide. They have three children by Bishop’s late wife, Elizabeth Perrin, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

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K.A. Ellis explores the zones where identity, human rights, and theology intersect. She has performed, spoken and lectured in Eastern Europe, Canada, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Indonesia and in South America.

In her twenty-year career, Mrs. Ellis has been seen in classrooms, conferences, on television, on film and onstage, headlining at the Kennedy Center and the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St Louis. For eight years, she hosted a morning radio program in the Pacific Northwest, PRAISE 1065FM.

Currently, she writes and lectures on Theology, Human Rights, and Global Religious Freedom. She is president and co-founder of Makazi Institute, training and equipping the next generation of cultural analysts.

Since 2006, she has collaborated with the Swiss-based charity, International Christian Response, and travels internationally advocating for global religious freedom. In January of 2016, she launched the #WePersevere Campaign.

Mrs. Ellis serves as adjunct faculty with Erskine Seminary and as full-time faculty with the Chattanooga Fellows Program.

She holds a Master of Art in Religion (MAR Theological) from Westminster Theological Seminary, a Master of Fine Art (MFA) from the Yale School of Drama, and is a Ph.D. candidate at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies in England.

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Dr. Paul Gupta is serving the Lord in India in building God class transformational leaders to disciple the
nations. He serves as the Chairman and President of Hindustan Bible Institute & College, India and the
President of HBI Global Partners in the USA.
Dr. Gupta completed his Master of Divinity in 1980 from Talbot Seminary, and his Master of Theology
and Ph.D in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Seminary, in 1992
In 1985 he pioneered a church planting movement called the Indian National Evangelical Church (INEC)
that currently has 846 indigenous pastors who have planted 10,345 churches in 23 states of India and in
Nepal and discipled over 650,000 people.
In 1987 Dr. Gupta enabled a movement called "the Council on National Service" (CONS) that is
committed to discipling the whole nation by envision, mobilizing and equipping the Church to disciple
India. In 1985 India had less than 114,000 and after envisioning and mobilizing the local churches with a
strategy of saturation church planting, it is estimated that India has over 750,000 churches presently.
Dr. Paul Gupta co-authored a book entitled, “Breaking Tradition to accomplish vision” with Dr.
Sherwood Lingenfelter. He has co-authored a series of books titled "Unfinished Task" for the states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.
Dr. Bobby and Linnet Gupta are married for 42 years and are blessed with three children.

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George Verwer

At college, George Verwer and two friends met regularly to pray. They became burdened by the spiritual needs of Mexico. In 1957 the three friends sold some of their own possessions to raise money and gave up their summer vacation to distribute Gospels and other Christian literature in Mexico.

The friends returned to Mexico the following summer, and the next… The response in Mexico was so encouraging that they opened a Christian bookshop and launched evangelistic radio broadcasts there.

When they graduated in 1960, George and his friends traveled to Europe. They began work in Spain, sharing the Gospel and distributing literature. But the task of reaching the whole of Europe seemed overwhelming.

George and his small team realized that God’s plan was to mobilize His church to reach the nations. As they began to share their vision, hundreds of Christians responded. So Operation Mobilization was born.

By 1963, 2,000 Christians had joined summer outreach teams in Europe. At the same time, the first year-long teams moved into the Indian sub-continent and the Muslim world. They had committed themselves to reaching those who had never heard the Gospel.

In 1970 the OM Ships ministry began, expanding OM’s reach around the globe, with the ability to visit thousands of the world’s port cities.

Today, over 6,800 workers, representing 100 nationalities, serve in the OM family of ministries, bringing God’s unchanging truth to literally millions every year.

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