Certification Program

We are introducing a new and exciting program for 2018! Here are the brief highlights

Come join us this year for two powerful informative workshops introducing the NAAMC Certification Program. Two dynamic speakers Ron & Star Nelson will be giving you a taste of what to expect in the certification program. Workshop titles are:

Send Me: So, You Want to be Certified in Cross-cultural Missions

Send Me: Becoming an Organizational Partner in NAAMC Certification Program

What is the Certificate Program?

The NAAMC Certification Program employs elements of education, experience, and accountability to equip applicants with advanced skills so that they are prepared to address challenging missional issues in their communities, churches, ministries, and professions in a competent and biblically faithful manner. Graduates of the Certification Program earn the designation Certified in either of six specific areas:

  • Missions Mobilizer
  • Missionary Caregiver
  • Creative Arts and Education
  • Short-Term Team Leader
  • Human Trafficking
  • Trauma Healing

Applicants are required to attend the National African American Missions Conference annually for the duration of the Certification Program.

Certification Course Work

The certification program will be a progressive two-year program; in collaboration with its partners/sponsors NAAMC will provide educational requirements; service requirements; mandatory reading and resources; and an activity checklist. Partners/sponsored are to be contracted.

The Certification program welcomes anyone and all interested in gaining a deeper understanding of discipleship, leadership, and the global Christian movement; a program that seeks mission supporters, project coordinators, trainers, educators, pastors, and church administrators.

For interested participates please check the information booth for the NAAMC Certification Program.

We are excited to have you come join us!